Who am I ?

It is true that a being, independent of the body, lives through a body. At the moment of death, when life departs from the body, there is no change in the apparent physiology of the body. Never the less, the dead body immediately starts to decay and to putrefy emitting foul smell. Devoid of life (life in its essence is an integral part of the Soul till it attains salvation), the body acquires an abhorable state. It proves that although the being enlivens the body, it has an existence of its own, independent of the body. In parlance of spirituality, this separate entity is called atma (Soul). This Soul is our true identity. Your right answer to the question 'Who am I?' is 'I am That Atma'.

Say the Upanishads:-

"'The Soul cannot be perceived by sermons, or through intellectuality, or by too much listening to discourses on spirituality."

Everyone intuitively knows that Soul and body in a living being are two separate entities and even in our speech we say: 'My body' - signifying that 'I am the possessor of the body and not the body itself'. Hardly anyone will doubt the separate existence of the Soul. Whereas... See More

Since Soul and body are two separate entities, their interests are also different. The requirements of the body are represented by the interests of the sensory organs. The ten organs of sense perceptions and actions and the eleventh mind are perpetually running outwards for gratification of their basic urges through... See More

Whenever one commits immoral acts like theft, violence, adultery, deception, he/she has a queer feeling of uneasiness with in. His/her  limbs start shaking and pulse- rate becomes irregular. It is nothing but an adverse reaction of the higher self (Soul) to an immoral act or    behaviour of the lower animal... See More

Virtuous acts provide inner peace and joy to the Soul. Thus, the will being of the Soul lies in living virtuously. On the contrary, body considers its well-being in sense-gratification. Unfortunately mass of humanity spend their entire lives in the blind routine of appeasing the urges of the body, which... See More

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