Root of Sins

Since Soul and body are two separate entities, their interests are also different. The requirements of the body are represented by the interests of the sensory organs. The ten organs of sense perceptions and actions and the eleventh mind are perpetually running outwards for gratification of their basic urges through the instrumentality of the body.

The sensory urges are delicious food, stylish clothes, numerous things of beauty, beautiful women, melodious sounds and a variety of objects of comfort, pleasure and luxury. The mind on the other hand aspires for a high status in society, great wealth, widespread fame and authority.

The entire life is thus spent in satisfying these insatiable hankerings of body and mind. When desires become cravings, the deluded person frantically tries to satisfy them by any means - fair or foul. This is the primary cause of all sinful activities.

The Original Sin

Lust and greed are the two most powerful of the evil traits, which remain ever un- satiated. There is no end to cravings for sex and desires for acquiring more and more things for comfort, pleasure and luxury. Life is an endless cycle of desire, temporary satisfaction and still more intense craving. The more one indulges in sex, acquires material things, the greater become agitations of the mind: worries, wants and anxieties; and these go on increasing day by day.

Whatever pleasure one gets through sensual indulgence is  followed by disenchantment, fatigue and unhappiness.

The knowledge that the present sense gratification would  out last long and its ultimate end would bring unhappiness of loss creates a vicious cycle. In this way, perspective of body-consciousness drags man towards immorality, suffering, craving and turbulence in mind. Nevertheless, man keeps on seeking true happiness in material things.

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