The Conflict Within

Virtuous acts provide inner peace and joy to the Soul. Thus, the will being of the Soul lies in living virtuously. On the contrary, body considers its well-being in sense-gratification. Unfortunately mass of humanity spend their entire lives in the blind routine of appeasing the urges of the body, which unlike the Soul, is destined to decay and die; but in this process Soul bound in ignorance keeps on accumulating sins.

No doubt such lifestyle gives fleeting pleasures to the body and to mind, but the Soul is exposed to suffering in this world and in the world beyond. The body is required to undergo hardships in the course of performance of virtuous acts for the welfare of the Soul. Unless strictly disciplined to abstain from sense-indulgence, the body cannot properly perform virtuous and noble acts. It is therefore required to be subjected to such disciplines as continence, sacrifice of self interests, control of wayward thoughts, speech, actions; moderation in sex and philanthropy. It is therefore evident that well-being of body and Soul are dramatically opposite. One has to choose between the two.

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