Some Case Studies

(A) Drugs and Alcoholic Addiction:

An officer of 25 years age, who has been a poly-drug abuser in the past was selected for the study by Lt. Col. G.R. Golecha, a senior advisor in the psychiatry division of the Indian army. The patient was addicted to heroin for the last 2 years. He had undergone some de-addiction courses twice in past with no benefit and had become resistant to such methods. He was then introduced to Agnihotra.

A rating scale was developed by Dr. Golecha to roughly quantify and compare the improvement. The practice of Agnihotra resulted in improving his psychology to abstain from smack and significant decrease of his urge for it within few weeks.

Conclusion: Agnihotra helps drug addicts to get over their craving for drugs because Agnihotra removes negative stereotype thoughts and motivates for positive approach by love and compassion. All the psycho therapeutic advances have failed to control a habitual addict. Agnihotra is a new hope in this field.


(B) Diabetes and Agnihotra:


Name of patient: Pandurang M. Patil Age: 72 yrs.

Address: Sai Prabha, Mangvir Pakhadi

Post-Tal-Alibaug, Dist - Raigad (M.S.)

Case: One year old diabetic.

Before starting Agnihotra - Report on 6-05-1993

1) Fasting:

Blood Sugar: 285 mg/dt (Normal 70-110)

Urine Sugar: Present ++++

The Integrated Science Of Yagya


2) Post Lunch (2 hrs. after lunch):

Blood Sugar: 530 mg/dt (Normal upto 120)

Urine Sugar: Present ++++

After performing daily Agnihotra - Report on 24-07-93

1) Fasting:

Blood Sugar: 95 mg/dt (Normal 70-110)

Urine Sugar: Absent

2) Post Lunch

Blood Sugar: 120 mg/dt (Normal upto 120)

Urine Sugar: Absent

The above case report result has been furnished by medicare pathology


Conclusion: The above cases suggest that daily Agnihotra will be useful in

treating a diabetic patient of any age, at any level within 3 to 6 months.

2Address, as reported in [5] is R 33 Swapnamurti, Alibaug, Raigad. Case was

referred by a well known doctor Dr., Mrs.Morkhadker (MD).


(C) Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Agnihotra:

The incidence occurred on the deadly night of December 3, 1984, when the

poisonous MIC gas leaked from Union Carbide. Hundreds of people died and

thousands were hospitalised. There were, however, two families - Shri. Sohan

Lal S Khushwaha and Shri. M.L. Rathore, which lived in the worst affected area,

one mile away from the plant came out unscathed as they were regularly

performing Agnihotra (Havan). In these families, noone died. Nobody was

even hospitalized despite of being present in the area worst hit by the toxic gas.

This observation proves that Agnihotra is a powerful antidote to pollution. (cf.

News Paper The Hindi of 4-5-85; news item under the heading ‘Vedic Way to

Beat Pollution).

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