Pathogen Counts after Experiments

It is the general belief that any type of fumes help in the reduction of air microbes. In the experiments of comparison of Yagya with that of non- Yagya,   proper Yagya was performed at one place and plain wood was burnt at another place. In both the places     care was taken to keep the variability factors like temperature, humidity, number of persons, air flow etc., as constant and   samples of air were taken before Yagya, during Yagya and till two days after Yagya. The results were very surprising. In the case of Yagya where there was a reduction of 79%, 68% ,  69% and 33 % respectively as compared to the background in the bacteria, fungi, TMF and the pathogens    till two days after the Yagya there was an increase of 111%, 257%, 104% and 100% respectively as compared to the background, one day after the Non-Yagya experiment. The same experiment was repeated again after one year and the results of this experiment were again similar. From the above results it can be concluded that any type of smoke/ fumigation does not reduce the air microbes in the environment. In fact the fumigation of simple wood has led to an increase in the counts in most of the cases. Whereas on the other hand the smoke/ gases produced as a result of Yagya led to an overall decrease in the Air microflora in the atmosphere.  

TMF Counts After Experiments:-

Another study was conducted in the open air at a place called Karawal Nagar in East Delhi where a large scale Yagya of 108 Kunds was performed. The sampling was done in the same way as in the case of indoor experiments and a comparison of the microbe colony counts  during and after Yagya was made with the background . The experiment continued from 12th to 16th of Yagya and the sampling was continued till two days after the Yagya. The results show that in comparison with the background counts, there was a reduction of  55% in bacteria, 15% in  fungi, and 79% in the pathogens on the next day after the Yagya was over. The reduction in pathogens was 79% even on the second day after Yagya. The total microflora had reduced by 49% on the 2nd day after Yagya.

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