The illogical Political Borders

Since ages, the boundaries of countries have assumed such permanency, that they appear to us as natural landmarks. Whoever is an occupant of whichever part of land on this earth, appears to be its justifiable owner. Nevertheless, a critical appraisal from the point of natural justice and propriety would present an entirely different picture. Where does one find an equitable distribution of natural resources of earth amongst the sons and daughters of mother earth? Are the more affluent and developed nations endeavouring to provide the less privileged classes of mankind more happiness and prosperity by voluntarily reducing their own necessities and comforts? Had man adopted such a philosophy, there would not have arisen any necessity for forging alliances or conquering lands. With such an ideology, man would have considered whole earth as property of God and everyone would have had an equal opportunity to take advantage of natural resources found anywhere on this earth. With this doctrine, man would not have needed boundaries dividing the nations. Even if such a demarcation was required, the basis would have been necessities like transportation and not political groupism
Gas and oil fields are mainly confined to some Arab countries of Middle East. These are thus under the control of a small number of people, whereas being a God-given natural resource, should it have been a property of the entire humankind? Likewise, there are very large unpopulated expanses in Africa and America, whereas in the densely populated countries like India and China, man has to face many inconveniences because of shortage of habitable land. The humankind should live like a family on this earth and the land should belong to all. Everyone should derive advantage from the produce of land without any discrimination. Injustice begins when inhabitants of a particular land behave like its owners and intend to keep the produce of its natural resources exclusively for their own selves.
On account of the aforesaid selfish unethical thinking, the more privileged class does not tolerate the freedom of the weaker section. On the other hand, there perpetually exists a suppressed desire amongst the vulnerable class to become more powerful and stand in revolt against this domination. Such a disposition has been the cause of small and big confrontations between groups of people and if allowed to persist, there will not be an end to wars on this earth.

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