Three Pillars of Strength:

  • Will and Patronage of Almighty
  • Spiritual Guidance & Protection of Rishis (Seers)
  • Effort and Active Participation of Enlightened Masses

Two Rules for Self-refinement:

  • Noble deeds flow out of noble thoughts
  • Simple living- High thinking
Our Fundamental Programs:

  • Moral Transformation Intellectual Transformation and social transformation
  • Public education through various media, using the religious platform
  • Dissemination of Gayatri(collective wisdom) and Yagya (cooperative virtuous demeanor)
Our Declaration: 
  • Self–Transformation will lead to the Transformation of Society; Self-Refinement will lead to Global refinement. 
  • Twenty-first Century- Heralds advent of Golden Age 
  • Love Humanity – Serve Humanity 
Our Emblem: 
  • Red Torch – Powerful collective effort for Era-transformation 
Our Manifesto: 
  • 18 pledges for individual and collective refinement 
Our Firm Beliefs: 
  • Man is the maker of his own Destiny. 
A man is what he thinks and does. 
  • Man and woman are not opponents; they complement each other
Four Formula for Blissful Life: 
  • Sadhana (Self-refinement) 
  • Swadhyaya (Study of enlightening literature) 
  • Sanyam  (Self-control) 
  • Seva (Service)      

Three Means of Spiritual Awakening: 

  • Upasana (Worshipful Prayer) 
  • Sadhana (Self-Refinement) 
  • Aradhana (Service of society as embodiment of Cosmic Divinity) 
Four Virtues Needed for Purposeful Life: 
  • Prudence (Samajhdaari)  
  • Honesty (Imandaari)  
  • Responsibility  
  • Courage  
Four Pillars of Powerful Life: 
  • Control of Senses  
  • Judicious use of Money  
  • Judicious use of Time  
  • Focussed Thoughts 
Four Steps for Soul-growth: 
  • Self-introspection 
  • Self-refinement 
  • Self-development 
  • Self-realization 

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