A Father - Guru

It is remarkable to note, how the determined pledge of a single person (Acharya Sharma), Yug Nirman Yojana , has brought billions of people together in Gayatri Pariwar for the same purpose…. This grand organization has grown and is expanding without the support of any governmental or non-governmental funding or donations by rich bigwigs. The small sums and pennies contributed by millions of its members on regular basis have played remarkable role in strengthening its financial resources. Generous devotion of talents and labors by these true followers of Acharya Sharama, ensure the successful progress of Yug Nirman Yojana.

The activities of this mission rebuilt our faith in the miraculous strength of collective endeavors for altruist purposes. The details given in this volume would further educe our hopes in the possibilities of resurrection of human dignity even in the present times of – deterioration of cultural and social system and a near total crisis of faith in moral values.

The distinct excellence of Acharya Sharma’s approach lies in the fact that he encourages natural escalation of people’s bodily, mental, intellectual and spiritual potentials by inspiring their conscious and unconscious minds…. This way, every man and woman can rise consistently from whatever his present level is, by adopting what Acharya Sharma calls – “the art of living”, and by sincerely following the simple disciplines and practices of self-analysis, self-restrain, self-evaluation and Pragya Yoga taught by him in several volumes of the Vangmaya series.….

As the collective and continuous motion of waves in an ocean expands beyond every limit, similarly, the collective and progressive endeavors of refinement and elevation pursued by the individuals can lead to the grand awakening and transmutation of collective consciousness along the limitless grandeur of the divine origin of humanity. This is how the currently “unimaginable” objective of resurrection of a bright era, is expected to be achieved in the next millennium.

Writing and publication of magazines, books, literature etc. for refinement of the minds and attitudes of the people in accordance with the ideals of Yug-chetna.

(1) To inspire and provide guidance to truly aspiring souls to adopt a way of life in accordance with Yug-dharma (needs of the Time Spirit);
(2) To give advice to those who have turned to me for guidance and counseling for elevating their souls to enable them to overcome their personal difficulties and build a happy future based on high principles.

Innumerable persons came in my contact and a majority of them were changed, enlightened and benefited. It is not possible to describe the events and mention the names of such persons since it is not my habit to do so. Moreover, it will become a voluminous book even if only certain events which I still remember are reduced into writing. But the persons concerned may object to it. The practice of expressing gratitude is almost extinct now. It will, therefore, not be proper on my part to say anything about these events. Besides, by disclosing the bounty of good deeds, the efficacy of the virtue gets diminished.

There is, however, no doubt that these services have been very effective. Uptill now (1989), more than twenty-four lakh persons are associated with Pragya parivar. However the number of those  who have been deeply influenced by the principles and ideals of the mission would be around one-third. Majority of them consists of those persons who have received enlightenment, affection, help, advice and divine gifts from me in their personal life. They had come rushing to me greatly worried and afflicted with grave problems and returned with solace and peace. This is the reason that such a large family has been built up. If it was all based on mere ideology and principles, the membership of Gayatri parivar would have remained limited like Arya samaj and Sarvodaya samaj and the atmosphere of personal intimacy and cordiality would not have been established. There had been much pressure on Mataji on account of rush of visitors, their arrival at odd times and in making arrangements for their stay, food etc. Despite all these inconveniences we have been amply rewarded by the affection and love which we have earned in return. All that we have done for the people is being repaid with interest in the form of this affection and love. Thus it cannot be said to be a losing proposition.

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