Architect of Bright Future

At crucial moments in the history of mankind there is the rare phenomenon of the Divine Power taking human form endowed with extraordinary multi-dimensional faculties, capable of raising the con­sciousness of whole humanity to a higher, nobler, expanded self-awareness. Such a divine manifestation combines in himself attributes of both, a reformer and a mystic, a philosopher and guide.

Such has been the life of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya, the patron founder of Gayatri Pariwar, who gave to humanity the message and assurance of the imminent advent of a Golden era on earth when love, peace, good­will, understand­ing will reign supreme in human life. During his eighty year span of earthly life he tirelessly worked for and laid the founda­tion of the new era. He was helped in his Herculean divinely assigned task by his soul-mate Mata Bhagwati Devi. Both of them have now withdrawn to the subtle and causal realms of existence and continue to inspire the process of advent of new era.

It is for the future historian to make an objective assessment of Acharyaji's greatness. However, the Gayatri Pariwar fraternity, Gayatri Teerth - Shantikunj and other establishments, Millions of devoted parijans are testimony enough to the greatness of This Selfless Soul , whose relentless pursuit  for upliftment of entire humanity has no parallel.

The mission’s fraternity at Shantikunj, Hardwar – an academy for moral and spiritual awakening and training…, Brahmvarchas Research Center (also in Haridwar) for creative integration of the modern science with spirituality, other major establishments – Gayatri Tapobhumi, Mathura, Akhand Jyoti Sansthan, Mathura, Janmbhumi Sthan at Anvalkheda, Agra, Dev Sanskriti University and over 3000 distributed social reform centers (called Shakti Pithas or Pragya Mandalas) are engaged in making Acharya Sharma’s dream of “revival of divine culture and global welfare” come true.

All prominent persons of clear vision have predicted in their own way that the coming years were most crucial and critical. In Bible there is reference to ‘Seven Times’ as the time of destruction of the world. It coincides with the present times. In Islam there is reference to a great crisis in the fourteenth century of the Hijri Era. Bhavishya Parana has also predicted outbreak of catastrophic conditions during these days. Similar prophecies have been made in Guru Granth Sahib. The famous poet, Soordas has foretold about the world facing calamities during these days. There are similar forebodings in the carvings on the pyramids of Egypt. Several Indian prophets have also made such prophecies on spiritual as well as on astrological basis.

Soothsayers like Jeane Dixon, Prof. Harary Anderson, John Baverie, Cheiro, Arthur Clerk, Nostradamus, Mother Shrimpton, Anandacharya, who have great influence in the western countries and whose predictions have been ninety-nine percent correct, have also predicted horrible possibilities.

In an international conference of occultists held sometime back in Korea, similar dreadful possibilities were hinted at. A conference of the specialists of the whole world in the science of future foretelling (futurologists) was held in Toronto, Canada in which it was stated that we are very close to a holocaust. Those who are said to be experts in the science of astronomy have expressed the view that the spots appearing on the Sun and frequency of solar eclipses will have harmful effects on the life on earth. The appearance of the comet named ‘Hailee’ in the beginning of 1985 is also said to be harmful to the inhabitants of the earth on account of its poisonous gases.

People having ordinary common sense know that due to exponential growth in human population not only food and water will become scarce but people will not get even space to live in and walk on. Due to over-industrialization and mechanization, air and water have become poisonous and scarce. Mineral oil, metals and coal will not last even for fifty years more. On account of radiation due to nuclear explosions the present and future generations will suffer from dangerous diseases like cancer. If there is outbreak of a nuclear war, not only humanity but also other species and vegetation will be wiped out. The imbalance in temperature is likely to create storms in the oceans on account of melting of ice in the Polar Regions. Thus, the prospects of the return of ice-age are being predicted. The sum and substance of all this is that there is definitely going to be some terrible turmoil and upheaval. Thus one can easily imagine about the possibility of destruction before new-creation, of melting before molding.

Statesmen and journalists are also worried very much about such a disastrous prospect befalling the globe. Several global organizations and peace missions are busy at present in devising ways and means to avert the danger of total annihilation. In the past also there had been wars between the Devtas and Asuras but a possibility of utter destruction, as looming large at present, had never arisen before.

This dire prospect is not hidden from the divine vision of Rishis who are living in their astral bodies. They cannot remain mute and helpless spectators at such a crucial time. Rishis do not perform tapashcarya for attaining heaven, liberation or siddhis. Even worldly persons can attain these boons through occult practices. Rishis have undertaken the responsibility of doing God’s work and they remain ever vigilant in the performance of this divinely assigned task.

The divine powers of the Rishis, who are extremely kind to me, have got all the work, including the performance of twenty-four  Mahapurashcaranas of Gayatri, done through me for the welfare of mankind. They are concerned about the gathering clouds of a total holocaust which are hovering at present over the whole earth and they are seriously trying to avert it. One of the steps in this direction is to fill me up with unalloyed spiritual purity, power and brilliance.

The present phase of Shukshmikarana (1984 - 1990) is going on in the form of Savitri sadhana. This has nothing to do with ego-centered fame, prosperity, superiority or magnificence of a particular individual. The only aim is to make the faltering steps of upward human growth and human dignity firm. This can be accomplished  by five Virbhadras to whom this task has been entrusted. Ram and Laxman had sat on the shoulders of Hanuman. This is nothing but giving credit to or choosing a medium. How could the great battle of Mahabharat have been fought on the basis of a single Gandiv Bow? It will be regarded an impossible task by ordinary common sense. But what God wills gets fulfilled anyhow. A strong man like Hiranyakasha was torn to pieces by Bhagvan Varaha.

It is my personal vision that this time also the demoniac forces will not be allowed to succeed. Those who are at present involved in destruction will be transformed and become co-operators of the forces of new creation or new persons will be born to overturn them and in this way the transformation will be effected. India is destined to play a prominent role in establishing real world peace, securely founded on conscious spiritual unity in diversity.

While many prominent and great thinkers are apprehending annihilation, it is my emphatic prophecy that the Evil, which in reality is an inverted form of Good, will be reconverted into the original Good; that which is topsy-turvy at present will be set aright. Let this statement of mine be taken with the seriousness it deserves. The dark clouds of evil tendencies created by unbridled scientific advancement will be blown away by a forceful hurricane of divine tendencies. Darkness will be dispelled and eternal light will shine forth. This is possible only through the irresistible and invisible power of the Rishis.
It should be taken for granted that the collective will of ordinary people is mighty. Public opinion exercises strong pressure. Those who are today capable of causing harm will have to yield before awakened public opinion. Pragya abhiyan has launched the movement of awakening and energizing public opinion. This will go on increasing and becoming more and more powerful and the minds of the people will be changed for the better. People will think of utilizing their efficiency and skills for growth rather than for destruction. Intelligence is a great power. It preforms miracles in whichever direction it is directed.

Daunting problems of the present times – pollution, amassing of weapons of colossal mass destruction, universal naked dance of immorality and self-indulgence, natural calamities – are all interlinked. It is not possible to solve them in isolation. Solutions have to be found for all of them together. With the requisite determination, willpower and insight the solutions will be found.

There are two main powers which make or mar. One is the power of arms and money and the other is the power of illumined intelligence and organization. People have been, in the past, subdued by and made subservient to the power of arms and money and have been compelled to act against their wishes. This is demoniac power. In future divine power has to be invoked and tapped so that people may experience the influence of the power of love, awakened intelligence and enlightened organization. People will then see the miracles that divine power can perform, when yoked for the achievement of high creative aims.

Justice should get due respect. Moral and ethical values should get proper recognition. All should live together harmoniously and with love; should have the spontaneous urge for mutual sharing and caring. When these principles will be accepted by the people at large in right earnest, they will get proper direction. New strategies will then be devised and the goal of universal peace, goodwill and prosperity will ultimately be attained.

If the two principles of atmavat sarvabhateshu (seeing one’s own Atman in all forms of life) and vasudhaiva kutumbakam (to consider oneself as member of one integrated global family) are followed, people will immediately be able to know which are undesirable tendencies and vices lodged inside themselves and how much struggle and courage is required to get rid of them. Human capacity for progress and growth is unlimited. Once a person makes up his mind to work for a high, noble and sublime aim there is nothing difficult for him to achieve.

There is going to be one world, one language, one religion and one culture in the near future. The day is not far off when discrimination on account of color, caste, class, sex and money will end. It will intuitively occur to the people across the whole world what has to be done to achieve this goal; and awakened and empowered persons will play a leading role in the accomplishment of this heroic task. Such a time is coming soon. We should eagerly and expectantly look forward to its arrival and consciously prepare ourselves to play our assigned roles in the divine drama.

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