Bright Future for mankind

The divine powers of the Rishis, who are extremely kind to me, have got all the work, including the performance of twenty-four  Mahapurashcaranas of Gayatri, done through me for the welfare of mankind. They are concerned about the gathering clouds of a total holocaust which are hovering at present over the whole earth and they are seriously trying to avert it. One of the steps in this direction is to fill me up with unalloyed spiritual purity, power and brilliance.

The present phase of sakshmikarana  is going on in the form of Savitri sadhana. This has nothing to do with ego-centred fame, prosperity, superiority or magnificence of a particular individual. The only aim is to make the faltering steps of upward human growth and human dignity firm. This can be accomplished  by five Virbhadras to whom this task has been entrusted. Ram and Laxman had sat on the shoulders of Hanuman. This is nothing but giving credit to or choosing a medium. How could the great battle of Mahabharat have been fought on the basis of a single Gandiv Bow? It will be regarded an impossible task by ordinary common sense. But what God wills gets fulfilled anyhow. A strong man like Hiranyakasha was torn to pieces by Bhagvan Varaha.

It is my personal vision that this time also the demoniac forces will not be allowed to succeed. Those who are at present involved in destruction will be transformed and become co-operators of the forces of new creation or new persons will be born to overturn them and in this way the transformation will be effected. India is destined to play a prominent role in establishing real world peace, securely founded on conscious spiritual unity in diversity.

While many prominent and great thinkers are apprehending annihilation, it is my emphatic prophecy that the Evil, which in reality is an inverted form of Good, will be reconverted into the original Good; that which is topsy-turvy at present will be set aright. Let this statement of mine be taken with the seriousness it deserves. The dark clouds of evil tendencies created by unbridled scientific advancement will be blown away by a forceful hurricane of divine tendencies. Darkness will be dispelled and eternal light will shine forth. This is possible only through the irresistible and invisible power of the Rishis.

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