Revival of Rishi Tradition

I was asked to acquaint people with the power of Gayatri Mahamantra according to the tradition of Vishvamitra Rishi and to establish a SiddhapiÚha Gayatri Tirtha; to write books and eighteen volumes of Pragya Puran in Vyas tradition; to extend the science and philosophy of yog-sadhana in Patanjali tradition; to build up an atmosphere of refined and ennobling vibrations by eradicating evil tendencies from the minds of the people according to Parashuram tradition; to conduct scientific research and popularise use of medicinal herbs according to Charak tradition; to heal and set right mental disorders by holistic treatments of yagyopathy in  Yagyavalkya tradition; to establish Sadhana-Aranyaks for promoting the growth of goodness and character building in Jamadagni tradition; to lead wandering life of a religious mendicant (parivrajak) with the aim of imparting true knowledge and guidance for the spread of religious and spiritual consciousness in Narada tradition; to provide guidance through the medium of ethics to the administrative set-up in the tradition of Aryabhatta; to build up Pragya sansthans at different places in Shankaracharya tradition; to promote all-round health with the help of proper dieting (ahar-kalpa) according to Pippalada tradition and to convene Pragya sammelans from place to place for educating the masses according to Soot-Shounik tradition. Gurudev also indicated the outline of establishing  Brahmavarchas Research Institute for conducting research on scientific lines according to the scientific traditions of Atharv Veda, as was done by Kanada Rishi.

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