Thought Transformation

To give proper direction to human thinking, I have given priority in my future program to the creation of an irresistible current of noble thoughts that would instantly wash away all the impurities and evil tendencies entrenched in the collective human psyche. Viciousness has overpowered the minds of the people these days. To change this atmosphere such awakened persons are needed who could play the roles of Munis and  Rishis like Vyas, Buddha, Gandhi, Karl Marx, Martin Luther, Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman; and fulfil the aim of Vicar Kranti (revolution in thought) through direct or indirect efforts. This is possible only by mighty inner Tapashcarya-sadhana whose visible manifestation will be the energy of Yug-manisha which by its power would write literature of highest standard capable of transforming the present era. It is my moral duty to continue working towards the fulfillment of the pledge which I had taken forty-seven years back to disseminate the insights revealed to me through the medium of Akhand Jyoti.

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