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About - Prakhar Pragya - Sajal Shraddha , Samadhi Sthal

Revered Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya and Revered Mata Bhagavati Devi Sharma have been actively involved in uplifting people and helping to alleviate their sufferings, both during their life time and also after shedding this physical sheath.
Prakhar Pragya – Sajal Shraddha, which is the eternal abode of Revered Gurusatta, is the readily accessible spot for offering heartfelt emotional prayers to them. Everyone has felt that just like earlier times, even today they provide all possible support for fulfilling the righteous prayers of their followers.

The splendid Prakhar Pragya and Sajal Shraddha , two tiny temples made up of marble contain the Charan Peeths (foot impressions) of the intellectual giant Param Poojya Gurudev and Vandneeyaa Mata Ji. Thousands of men, women and children daily pour in to offer prayer for bestowal of all round peace, prosperity and success in their life.Just in front of these tiny temples, are the sacred tombs of the departed Rishiyugm made of sparkling granite stone, which draw enormous reverence from the people and are fully charged with celestial life consciousness.


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