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About - Gayatri Mandir

A magnificent temple of Gayatri-Mata and idols of Sapt-Rishis (Ancient seven eminent saints) are one of auspicious place in Shantikunj. Visit to the divine spiritual abodes of deities (pilgrimage centers) is an important part of spiritual life style. The main purpose of these visits is to derive continuous inspiration for imbibing the divine virtues symbolized by the deity in one's life as well as to seek blessings and guidance. Revered Acharyashri told that the best thing that can be requested from God is righteous intellect. If a person gains righteous wisdom and intellect then he will automatically start moving on the righteous path and will be able to perceive happiness and contentment in every situation; these divine inspirations are actively propagated by the temple of Mother Gayatri.

A Mislead Deity

The premises of the Mother Gayatri also has the temple of 'A Mislead Deity'. Asharyashri has said that our own life is that true deity, which needs to be controlled in order to arouse the divine capabilities and inculcate righteous virtues. This is the summary of all the teachings of spirituality. Vedas and Upanishads also tell the same thing.

Sadhana (Spiritual Penance) Room

Inside Shantikunj, every true spiritual seeker experiences the divinity inherent in its atmosphere. This is the effect of daily chanting of about 1 crore Gayatri Mantra chanting and daily performance of yagya. Whoever does mantra chanting and meditation in the Sadhana Room situated in front of the Mother Gayatri temple, gets the benefits of the collective spiritual penance thatis being performed here regularly.


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