Haritima Devalaya (Temple having Collection of Rare Plants & Medicinal Herbs)

Shantikunj has undertaken two constructive movements related to the protection and conservation plants –

 1. Conservation and enhancement of the green cover of the Earth (Haritima Samvardhan)
 2. Health conservation through medicinal herbs.

Haritima Devalaya has the collection of both normal and rare medicinal herbs found in different regions. Here, proper training is given for identifying these herbs and knowing what are their benefits and how are these used. This training is also a part of the one month training camp for creating lok-sevi (individuals dedicated for social service) that is regularly conducted at Shantikunj. Training is also imparted on how to plant trees in houses and farmlands, and how to enhance the green cover of the Earth. The visitors are given saplings of various plants in the form of blessings.


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