Course Programs and Training Sessions - Shivir

Nine days Sadhana Shivirs (Art of Living & Art of Relating training camps) for spiritual refinement of personality

Five days special higher-level Sadhana Shivir (
Art of Being & Art of Thinking training camps) in silence for awakening of inner energy.

One month “ Yug Shilpi Sadhana Satra ” (Art of Serving & Art of Leading training camps) for practical training towards:

(i) Promotion of human values through devotional music, performance of sacramental rites and inspirational talks
(ii) Promoting self–reliant development projects.

One month “ Parivraajak Satra ” for:-

(i) Temple management course for spreading the Mission ’s constructive activities through the local centers.
(ii) Dissemination of the message of Indian culture and mass education from religious platform.

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