What are the specific divine emanations associatedwith Gayatri and Savitri?

Ans. As mentioned in the answers to Q.No. 4, Gayatri and Savitri are two sides of the same coin. Gayatri has been referred to by innumerable names. Amongst its significant twenty-four thousand aliases, 24 represent its principal emanations. Twelve of these have been idolized for practical spiritual growth and the remaining twelve for material gains. These are enumerated as:

A) Emanations worshipped for spiritual growth (Adhyatmik pragati)
1) Adyashakti
2) Brahmi
3) Vaishnavi
4) Shambhavi
5) Vedmata
7) Vishwamata
8) Ritambhara
9) Mandakini
10) A jap a
11) Riddhi
12) Siddhi

B) Emanations worshipped for material gains
1) Savitri
2) Saraswati
3) Lakhyami
4) Durga
5) Kundalini
6) Pranagni
7) Bhawani
8) Bhuwaneshwari
9) Annapurna
10) Mahamaya
11) Payaswani
12) Tripura (For details please refer to the publication ‘Gayatri ki Chaubis Shakti Dharaein in Hindi- Published by this mission .) 

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