Aashwin Navratri

Navratri is a festival to worship Shakti (power, strength) and acquire it through spiritual practices or sadhana. This year this festival commences on 10th October, 2018 and concludes on 19th October, 2018 with Vijayadashmi. The nine nights in this sacred period bestow special energies and so are called as Navratri. Historic significance is attached with these nine days as our scriptures have described a large number of divine events that unfolded in this period.

During Navratri primordial power of Supreme Soul is worshipped in the form of nine Goddesses. These are – (i) Shailputri, (ii) Brahmacharini, (iii) Chandraghanta, (iv) Kushmanda, (v) Skandmata, (vi) Katyayini, (vii) Kalratri, (viii) Mahagauri and (ix) Siddhidatri. These nine forms of the primordial power are also nine dimensions of consciousness, which a spiritual aspirant begins to access as he undergoes the cleansing process of the inner self. The focal points of these nine forms of power lie within the subtle body in the forms of chakras which get awakened during spiritual sadhana.

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