Contemplation (Manan)

The fourth phase of pragya-yog is contemplation (manan). This can be done at any time in the afternoon for fifteen minutes. In this one has to review his present state and position. If anything is found lacking, it should be planned how it can be fulfilled. Contemplation is done in a solitary place with closed eyes. It is necessary to become introversive and chalk out in the presence of one's inner-self the
plan of cleansing (parimarjan) and refinement (parishkar). Whatever has been done from morning till afternoon should be tested, and whatever has to be done till one goes to sleep should be planned so that the latter half day may be spent better than the former half.

sadhana (spiritual training) Swadhaya (spiritual study and practice) sanyam (self-restraint) and seva (service) are four spiritual pursuits which are responsible for progress and success in life. They should find important place in daily routine. After-noon contemplation should be done to promote four-fold process of self-review, self-reformation self construction and self-development. This should be regarded as spiritual philosophy, which in due course results in God realization.

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