Tatva Bodh

Other worship (sandhaya) is performed in the night while going to sleep. It should be thought that death is shortly being embraced. It will have to be answered in the royal court of God how today's time has been utilized. The activities and thoughts of the entire day should be reviewed. It should be judged and analysed impartially what was right and where mistake was committed. The self should be praised for anything done or thought be decided to rectify on the next day. The authors of ancient scriptures have directed that sins committed have to be atoned for and indemnified. Today's time which has been spent cannot be brought back but it can be expiated and indemnified next day. This will add to next day's work-load but there is no other go.

Death is certain. People forget it and spend life in useless activities. Human birth is extremely rare. It should be spent in such way so that future may be bright, man may hope to attain divinity and other persons may get inspiration to imitate. If man sleeps carefree in the night he can hope to get peace during the period after death and before rebirth. If day is spent happily, there will be sound sleep in the night. If day is spent peacefully and in best possible manner, man will not suffer agonies of hell after death and will enjoy divine peace. This process is known as attainment of real knowledge (tatva-bodh).

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