Human Resources Exploitation

(5 days a week X 24 hrs a day v/s 6 days a week X 9 hrs a day) :

There is no doubt that the output demands imposed upon executive in most of the corporate world are unprecedented. On one hand the amount of stress, the number of hours required to simply keep up, and on the other hand the executive of toady has to deal with complications that have accumulated due to downsizing, restructuring, and reorganization.

In order to maximize profit and minimize overheads, often the management look out for ways to over-burden the employees. Overlooking their physical endurance limit, psychological and emotional needs. Even if they are paying handsome salaries, but all this amounts to exploitation and violation of human rights, although willful.

Call Centers, BPO, MNCs:-

"Call center employees are under constant stress because of their workload, competitive pressures and surveillance. Workers are monitored for the number of calls, the average call time and time between calls. Closed circuit cameras and electronic timers monitor the time staff are away from their desk, including in the bathroom.

In the media the reports of call center employees being subjected to frequent racial abuse are very common.

Unearthly working hours are not safe specially for female employees.

The study of Long term behavioral changes in the life of call center employees are is still in its nascent stage. "

Burning-out of Executive:-

"The executive of today is caught between the two extremes of optimizing profit and declining internal resources.

• The first causality is the executive himself or herself. Most of them are neglecting health and falling prey to life-style disorders. Moreover the family life is also disturbed and the social circle is shrinking day by day.

• The end result is stress, anxiety and.. more importantly moral degeneration, disharmony in family and depression."

'Spirituality @ workplace' and 'Yoga in day to day life' seems the only way to deal with this gloomy situation.

The spirituality@workplace section of this website deals with the finding a lasting solution to the above mentioned problems.

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