Indian Scenario

With globalization influence of western culture is evident rather stark in corporate world today.

'As far as the organizational capabilities of west, we have to embrace it with open arms''                   
                                                                                                                                     -Swami Vivekananda

• Blind adoption of western culture is the root cause of stress, anxiety, lifestyle disorders and more importantly moral degeneration and maniac depression.

• The recent surge in economy can be sustained and taken advantage of , at both – personal and corporate level, only when we cope with it in a systematic manner.

The Future of Indian Economy:-

* Annual growth rate of GDP nearly doubled from 4.5 % to 8.4% in the past few years.

* By 2020 the size of Indian economy will be equal to that of Chinese Economy.

* Will be one the top 5 economies of the world.

Advantage India:-

A young nation with a lot of potential:

* Solid technical and scientific background.

* Rich cultural and spiritual heritage.

* Indian Diaspora all over the world.

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