Spiritual Traits

A transformation in corporate leader’s personality leads to changes in organization’s culture. Some spiritual qualities are needed to be developed for better understanding of corporate culture. These qualities help an individual to develop an insight. When inculcated in day to day life these spiritual traits are very helpful in harnessing the inner potential and to inspire others.

12 Spiritual Traits :-

Self Awareness:–
Realization and harnessing of the treasure within, the inner potential. We have been provided with the most precious gift of human-life, by the Creator.

Strength of will:– Be alert and decisive. Have quick reflexes, no procrastination. Courage of conviction.

Visionary Attitude:–
Farsighted, long term goals towards future of organization with pinpointed aims and objectives. Keep pace with developments, anticipate.

Holism:– All views comprehended as interconnected. Holistic thinking implies the idea that all the properties of a given system cannot be determined by the sum of its parts alone. the system, as a whole, determines how the parts behave.

Sensitivity:– Sympathy, Empathy and concern for others. It is very necessary for Team building. Corporate responsibilities are to be considered as organic extension of social and family duties.
Celebration for diversity:– Search unity in Diversity. Accept and embrace others too. Be accommodative of new ideas. Flexibility in decision making
Listen to your heart:– Have your own say. Don't follow the crowd or majority. Be enterprising, Be creative, be positive
Stick to the fundamentals – Constant reasoning, rational thinking. Can we do something new and how? Remain open to healthy criticism.
Ability to refrain:- Learning the ability to stop yourself from doing something traditional. Reassess the situation from time to time. Learn from past mistakes.
Blessing in disguise:- Make adversities your source of power. Consider hardship as a form of penance. An exam to prove your capabilities.
Modesty:– I am superior to many, I am inferior to some but still I can do something. Develop basics for self-criticism. Humility let us foster and understand our true place in this world.
Revert back:
– selfless service to society at large, besides your system.

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