Water Conservation Movement

Water Resource Cleaning and Conservation Program 

  1. A humble attempt to depict the agony of rivers to its alert sons.
  2. Social awareness for conservation and protection of water resources in the state.
  1. Water Purification - Pure Water
  • To motivate the public to keep water pure
  • Filtration plant at the discharge point of polluted water.
  • Prohibit the use of Polythene at the Shoreline.
  • Spread awareness through collective cleaning programs.
  1. River Bank Purification - Fragrant Pure River Bank
  • Build toilets at various ghats.
  • Regular cleaning by volunteers.
  • Involve local Municipality/Panchayat.
  • Develop shores/ghats as pilgrimage and awaken the feeling of respect.
  • Plantation of scented and shadowy trees - "hari chunar".
  • Construction of ghats
  1. Purification of River-Bank-Side Village - Cultural Village

  • Develop clean, hygienic, addiction-free, self-reliant and cultured villages at shoreline.
  • Endorse culture based on moral values and agriculture.
  • Promote organic farming and dairy business.
  • Set-up groups of volunteers (DIYA) at shore-line villages.
  1. Meaningful Pilgrimage
  • To make thousands of pilgrims a part of this program and partners to spread this massage to common man.
  • Prepare manure from rotten flowers and other organic wastes.
  • Start the tradition of immersing idols (made of clay) in a separate pit.
  • Write inspiring quotations on walls.
  • Inspire villagers through meetings/lectures.


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