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The Yug Nirman Yojana mission of All World Gayatri Pariwar is engaged in multiple  reformative and reconstructive activities on the personal, familial, social, national and cultural  fronts of life. Spiritual refinement of the suksma vatavarana has been the predominant focus of  this mission and it has endeavored a Yagya-based movement on the lines of the vedic tradition to achieve this virtually impossible goal.

This historic mission has emerged from the rigorous tapa-sadhan³ of the Vishwamitra of our  times, the rishis of this age – Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya. The devout endeavors and  super normal spiritual eminence of this yug rishi enabled the epochal descent of the otherwise lost  and forgotten super knowledge (vidya) of Gayatri and accomplished it as the savior of the world. This visionary saint deciphered and propagated the divine light of Yug SaktiGayatri to reach the masses and also pioneered the revival of the vedic culture of Yagya so that it could be adopted by every man and woman in the present times too.

Likewise the rishis of yore, his sagacious acumen and saintly heart had understood the enormous problems and crisis of the era through deeper depths. He therefore encouraged eroding of the rootcause hidden in the suksma vatavarana and attempted colossal refinement in every dimension of the gross and sublime environment of life by the spiritual experiments of Gayatri Sadhana and  Yagya. Massive number of small and hundreds of grand Yagyas have been organized since theadvent of his “Yug Nirman” campaign. The “Sahastranshu Brahm Yagya” performed on the Gayatri Jayanti 1953 was the first spiritual experiment of grand participation of people from all parts of the society. It was the auspicious commemoration of the glorious completion of thetwenty-four divine maha-puraicaranas endeavored by Gurudev Shriram Sharma Acharya fortwenty-four years. This also laid the foundation of the Gayatri Pariwar.

Series of distinct Yagyas in vedic tradition commenced in 1955 in which the Mahamratuojaya Yagya, Rudra Yagya, Visnu Yagya,Sata Candi  Yagya, Nava Graha Yagya, Ganapati Yagya,Saraswati Yagya, JyotiÌstoma Yagya, AgniÌstoma, and the Gyana Yagya of the four Vedas, etc were performed with the participation of more and more Gayatri Sadhakas. Year 1956 marked the 108 kundiya Yagyas and grand Narmedha Yagya to mobilize the collective power and enthusiasm ofthe sadhakas dedicated towards social reformation and welfare of the masses. Over 20,000 people from all walks of life had participated in these Yagyas conducted by Acharyaji in Gayatri
Tapobhumi Mathura. Organization of 108 Gayatr Yagyas across the country was pledged on thisoccasion to propagate the gyana of Gayatri and vigyana of Yagya among the masses. This number increased to 1008 within a year, which included 5 and 9 kundiya to 108 kundiya mahaYagyas.

Successful completion of these Yagyas and mahayagyas had induced a gradually expanding churning of the sublime domains of Nature. The next major experiment of spiritual refinement incontinuation under the angelic guidance of Yug Rishi Pt. Shriram Sharma was conducted as the“Brahmastra Anusthna” in 1957. This involved yearlong mahapuraïcarana of twenty-four lacs of Gayatri Mantra japa and twenty-four lac ahutis in Yagyas jointly performed by thousands of sadhakas. This was aimed at protecting mankind from the ill omens of adverse positioning of several planets and likely natural calamities, epidemics, regional wars, etc that year. The first congress of the All India GayatriParwar was organized this year to enlighten the members by details of Gayatri Vidya and the true spirit and scientifi aspects of Yagya.

The Sahastra (1000) Kundiya Gayatri MahaYagya conducted in November 1958 tocommemorate the purnahuti (completion) of the Brahmastra Anusthana was a remarkable beginning in reviving the noble tradition of the Rishi Age. Over four lac devotees participated in
this mahayagya. This intensified and accelerated the spiritual purification of the suksamavatavarana and gave impetus to the missions of the Gayatri Pariwar in a big way.

Thereafter, a large number of novel experiments of vedic yagyas have been performed under the auspices of this mission. These include the daily Yagya at the individual and familial levels, and collective Yagya at the level of colonies, towns and cities and the series of Grand Dipa Yagyas, the Bajpeya Yagyas and Ashwamedha Yagyas. These experiments continue to expand –– mass education and social reformation through religious platform, social upliftment and propagation ofthe relevance of Yagya in scientific light along with purification of the gross and sublime environment to set the atmosphere for reconstruction of a new era. Under this movement, the teachings of the philosophy of Yagya and scientific process of agni-Yagyas are made so simple and easily adaptable in today’s circumstances, that the rich and the poor, the erudite and the illiterate, everybody can adopt and perform them without any barrier of caste, creed etc. Even the
people across different cults and religious faith would not have any doubt and hesitation inparticipating in these scientifically sound and spiritually enlightening experiments of Yagyas.

The 2400 Gayatri Shaktipithas and 24,000 Pragya Sansthanas – the distributed local centers of Gayatri Pariwar, established within the country and abroad have helped the propagation of thismovement at the grass root level under the auspices of the mission’s fraternity at Shantikunj,Haridwar. Ever since its inception in 1970, the daily Gayatri Yagyas are continued in the nine kundi ya Yagyaialas of Shanti-
kunj. Yagya is an integral part of all programmes of the mission inevery corner of the country. Over 24 lacs of small and grand Yagyas have so far been performed countrywide under the guidance of the trained, devoted representatives of the Gayatri Pariwar.Lacs of people have successfully renounced their addictions and untoward habits as part of deva daksina– in the last phase of Yagya, and have pledged to adopt at least one virtuous tendency andstrive to improve their thinking and conduct. These instances of courageous expiation, penanceand determination for positive orientation of life in front of the yagyagni are evidential examplesof the immense flow of inspirations and spiritual strength erected by Yagya.

As part of the aforesaid series of Yagya - based awareness and elevation, the glorious success of national integration programmes marked the year 1986-87; monumental Yagyas were performed simultaneously at thousand places during these celebrations. With the commencement of the twelve year long unique global spiritual experiment of Yug Sandhi Mahapurïcarana, the members of the Gayatri Pariwar vowed for performing one lac Gayatri Yagyas during this critical period (1988-2000) of transition of an era. This dharmanusthana was also accomplished with wider expansion before the Mahapurnahuti Yagya in November 2000.

In view of the ever-increasing growth of the yug nirman mission, Rev. Gurudev Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya introduced dipa Yagyas as effective means to convey the knowledge of Yagya with inspiring impact on the masses. This was indeed a revolutionary development with significant practical relevance in the present circumstances of human life, when many people do not have the time, resources, faith and ability to perform kundiya Yagya or havans. The dipakasplay the role of Yagya kundas here; the process of agnihotra works auto - - matically with the ignition of incense sticks (agarbatti) made up of havan samagri Dipa Yagyas add sacred light in the congregations and gathering for mass-education, social awareness and thought-illumination campaigns of the mission that have mobilized at a grand scale since 1988. The dipa Yagyas also became popular among all sections of the society as part of celebrating the samskaras of janma diwasa (birthday), vivaha diwasa (wedding anniversary), etc in holy atmosphere at negligible cost and without elaborate arrangements. Despite the easy mode of performance and minimal rituals, the inspirations imbibed in the mantras and method of dipa Yagyas carry excellent impact in reaching the teachings and light of Yagya at people’s heart and influencing the subtle domains of
thought and sentiments.

After the voluntary mahaprayana of H.H. Gurudev on Gayatri Gayanti in June 1990, the Shraddhanjali Samaroha, Shapath Samaroha and the series of twenty-seven Ashwamedha Yagyas of the Dev Sanskrati Digvijaya Abhiyan were accomplished under the divine grace of his subliminal protection and under the auspicious presence and guidance of Rev. Mataji Smt. Bhagavati Devi Sharma. These grand events proved to be the milestones in the ascent of themission for the resurrection and expansion of the Rishi Culture in true light of science and spirituality. Even in the present circumstances of hatred, division and prejudices of casteism and communal clashes, people participated in these Yagyas in millions wiping out all difference. This was a live illustration and majestic experience of how Yagya could ‘charge’ the ambience with divine flow and educe generosity, kind co-operation and amity amongst the masses and link their
minds with the altruist ideals of Yagya. The scientific experiments set up by several teams of experts during these events verified that Yagya has notable effects of purifying air, water and soil at large scale.

The mission has continued its growth under the subliminal presence and the angelic blessings of the Gurusatta within India and rest of the world. The envoys of divine mission are carrying themessage of Yagya-based life in over eighty countries abroad. The achievements of the Yagya movement of the Gayatri Pariwar so far appear to be equal and even greater –– in view of the  worst circumstances of the present era, than the visible and the sublime effects of the grand " Yagyas of the Ramayana "and Mahabharata times. The epochal mahapurnahuti Yagya of the global Yug Sandhi Mahapurascarana organized by Shantikunj, Haridwar in November 2000 has added new chapters in these glorious annals of human history with the active participation of over five million people from across the globe.

This spiritual mission of inspiring the entire human race with the angelic spirit of Yagya would bestow physical health and vigor on upon people and illuminate every mind with immense peace and piety eventually arousing the divine force immanent in the human self. It will not be too long when we shall see that global expansion with at a wider pace and greater intensity of this Yagya movement would harmonize the ecological balance, purify the gross and the subliminal environment of Nature and life and effectuate creation of heavenly atmosphere on the earth. As the prophecy of the visionaries also indicates, the future structure and values of the human society would emanate from  the philosophy of Yagya. With the recognition and adoption of the Yagya based culture in every house and every family, all villages, all towns would become tirthas and the nation, the motherland would regain its distinction of being sacred tapobhumi. The Indian soil will attain its lost glory and the future of humanity would blossom in its guiding light. This emergence of the Age of Truth would indeed be a reality in the coming decades. We would surely experience it alive, if we understand and realize the essence of the science
and philosophy of Yagya, strive orienting our life accordingly and dedicate our whole hearted support to the historic mission of revival of the vedic culture of Yagya.


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