Be cautious with your thoughts

The social norms and governmental laws may constrain the conduct and visible deeds of a person. But everyone is totally free in the unlimited expanse of mental creations, imaginations, thoughts, feeling … etc. This is why most of us don't care for the immense capabilities and impact of the hidden powers of mind and the inner self. The shastric concept (affirmation) of mental p³pa and puñya should serve as a timely warning for us. The kinds of imaginations and thoughts one's mind is inclined to, or is often engrossed in, inspire and influence his attitude, mental tendencies and hence his actions because of the compounding effect of the thought-waves of coherent quality. Thought power is like fire or electricity, which should be used cautiously; little carelessness may cause havoc in the subtle world and eventually give rise to equally hazardous consequences in the visible realms of life.

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