Impressions of thoughts

What induces radiance and force in the thoughts? If the answer is to be crypt, it would be –– the spiritual light and inner force of emotions pertaining to noble ideals. Only the elevated and enlightened emotions of this kind can inspire the flow of virtuous and trenchant thoughts. The altruist sentiments, piety of character and eminence of endeavors of great souls generate corresponding thought waves and thus bestow enormously more benefits upon the world than the noted contributions of their visible deeds. Presence of benevolent sentiments and mental purity in other (ordinary) people also contributes, though invisibly, in the refinement of the subtle world by combining with compatible thought waves in proportion to their strength and intensity. The same is true of the negative effects of the untoward or debased thoughts. The firm determination and extreme negative psychology of the demonic minds, dreaded criminals and terrorists etc makes the impressions of their perverse thoughts, cruel, scandalous intellectual sharpness quite intense and dense. People with weaker mental makeup are often easily influenced by their thought waves. At times, the resonance of collective thought waves of similar kinds makes them powerful even if they are individually infirm; for example, this is what is happening with erotic thinking these days.

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