Science of Thought

The thought-power and willpower are generated in the mind. Numerous mind boggling examples of the immensity and trenchancy of these mental powers are available in the history of mankind. Paragons are born by awakening of these hidden sources of inner force. Many demonstrations of willpower are recorded in different parts... See More

A farmer harvests the corps he had cultivated. But he is not the only one to benefit from it. Many others also gain their shares from the colossal multitudes in quantity, of what was sown. The grains of this crop fulfill the hunger of many thousands of unknown people, residing... See More

'Thoughts' of animals are nothing but mental instincts pertaining to the sustenance of their gross body; these instincts are usually weak and short-lived and are educed as per the Nature's arrangement for their food, growth, reproduction, defense etc. But the force of human emotions, desires, thinking, mental sensitivity, convictions, faith,... See More

Accumulation of similar or compatible elements appears to be the law of Nature. This is what accounts for formation of seas and oceans. Individually the metal particles lie unnoticed in the soil. However, wherever they are gathered, their force of affinity compounds exponentially and leads to formation of huge repository... See More

The social norms and governmental laws may constrain the conduct and visible deeds of a person. But everyone is totally free in the unlimited expanse of mental creations, imaginations, thoughts, feeling … etc. This is why most of us don't care for the immense capabilities and impact of the hidden... See More

Thoughts are subtle force, transmitted to us by food. ChhandogyaUpanishad describes this fact as a dialogue between Uddalaka and Svetaketu  - 'If the food is pure, thought also becomes pure. He who has pure thoughts speaks very powerfully and produces deep impression on the minds of the hearers by his... See More

Every thought or emotion or word produces a strong vibration in every cell of the bodyand leaves a strong impression there. If you know the method of raising an opposite thought, then you can lead a happyharmonious life of peace and power. Thought of love will at once neutralize a thought... See More

The body is internally associated with the mind, rather the body is a counterpart of the mind; it is a gross visible form of the subtle, invisible mind. If there is pain in the tooth or in the stomach or in the ear, the mind is at once affected. It... See More

It is true that a being, independent of the body, lives through a body. At the moment of death, when life departs from the body, there is no change in the apparent physiology of the body. Nevertheless, the dead... See More

We often consider the actions of the body and its five senses as the cause of what makes good or bad karma (destiny). But the shastras (vedic scriptures) also describe a great deal of the effects of mentally committed p³pa (sins) and puñya (noble, ethical deeds) in shaping our future... See More


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