The realm of thoughts

As the sun spreads the heat and light in all directions, our mind also continuously emits energy radiations in the cosmos through the medium of thoughts, emotions, desires, determinations, inspirations etc. Every human thus inadvertently influences – even without saying or visibly doing anything – the ambience and hence many others around him via these mental radiations.
Throwing a stone in a pond produces wavy currents of water on the surface. Our thoughts also do something similar in the cosmic pool of ether. The waves generated by thoughts are more subtle and of higher frequency than the light or sound waves. These waves do not cease and continue to traverse in the cosmic expansion with superimposition on compatible thought-waves. Because of their circular trajectory, they eventually return back to their origin with more intense resonance effect (due to superimposition), while also influencing on their way the like-minded people, or those whose minds are receptive to similar kinds of thought-waves. Their impact is negative or positive, depending upon the quality of the thought, upon the person from whose mind the thought had emerged and also upon the mental force of others in their domain of influence.

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