Hindrances in path of bliss

Thousands of illusions, attractions and vices could be counted as responsible for deluding and depraving the human life. However, all these are different outcomes or expressions of the three basic thralldom's – (I) V³san³ (craving, infatuation), (ii) T—aÌñ³ (avarice, irrepressible ambition) and (iii) Ahant³ (arrogance, vanity).

These three dire forces of decline invariably shroud the mental and emotional domains of life and delude and drag it from its original path. Their attraction pulls one into the mire of unfulfilling passions. None of these could ever be satisfied. The more one attempts contending their invisible urge the tighter becomes their grip with greater demands. Engulfed in this vicious cycle, a man becomes like a deer running behind a mirage…. Deluded by the luminous glow of moon light reflected from the sands in a desert, the thirsty deer mistakes it for water from a long distance; it eagerly rushes to the spot but in the vain…; looks ahead…, again finds the flash of mirage appear like a oasis far away… Again and again he repeats the same blunder and finally dies exhausted and thirsty…  Similar is the fate of a man driven by the inciting thirst of v³san³, traÌñ³ and ahant³.

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