Yoga in daily life

Well-being of the masses and dissemination of divine cultural values along with social development are principal objectives of the Yug Nirman Mission of the All World Gayatri Pariwar. Its multi-faceted reformatory and reconstructive activities are initiated by revered Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, a seer-sage of the present age who pioneered spirituality as an art of living, and propounded thought-revolution and revival of the Rishi Culture in new scientific light.
As a first step towards uplifting the physical and mental health of the masses, he had presented a stream of yoga, which is simple and suitable for the masses today. This is referred as “Pragya Yoga”. Shantikunj – an Aranyak of our times, which is situated in the lap of the Holy Ganges and under the pristine shadows of the Himalayas – is a center for training of Pragya Yoga.
This yoga aims for healthy tuning of all the three bodies (physical, subtle and causal) of a person. The asanas rejuvenate the physical body and prañayamas (breath control exercises) elevate bio-energy and help cleansing and calming the mind, and chanting of mantra in the heart helps augment inner strength. Pragya Yoga is a combination of all three incorporating selected asanas and prañayamas with chants of mantras.

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