Achieving Total Health - Problems and Solutions

The advancement of medical technology and public awareness on health have helped improvement of “life-expectancy” in the developed countries as compared to what was the scenario half a century ago. Howbeit, one can hardly see any improvement in total health of people in general. The stresses of life, artificial modes of living and excessive dependence on synthetic medicine etc. have worsened the mental health of most of us today. On the somatic front too, suppressions of one kind of disorder or disease by the heavy dose of some medicines result in manifestation of other untoward effects or new variety of health problems. Even during the biologically young age, people now a days are found to be suffering from problems – like, bone degeneration, spinal deformation, hypertension, etc., which used to be found in much older people in their parents’ generation. It won’t be an exaggeration to conclude that today, by and large people are somehow ‘maintaining’ their bodily youth with the help of synthetic medicine and artificial products which gradually make them weaker and vulnerable to faster aging.

The scenario is worse on the psychological front. Before entering the age of youth most people – especially those in the ‘rat race’ of modernization, seem to lose the natural cheerfulness, adventurous enthusiasm and optimism of youth. Rise in the number of suicides, addictions to narcotics, nervous breakdowns, depressions, heart failures, cases of hypertension, instances of cynical attitude leading to criminal activities, etc, among the youths is witness to this fact. It is rare to find the natural glow of youthfulness and aura of vital energy in the people today.

The vicious cycle of single tracked materialistic attitude and lack of faith in value system and philosophy of righteous life has added to the problems on personal, familial and social fronts. Among other negative effects of moral decline, licentious character and erotic thinking cause maximum loss of vital energy and thus seriously harm the biological and mental health…. Mental fatigue, illusions, lack of memory, dullness and the whole range of sexual problems and sexually transmitted diseases, which are offshoots of such harmful effects, have posed alarming signs before the human society. The real beauty of human life appears to have been lost in the blind well of sensual pleasures….

Those caring for improvement in the present scenario must recall that austere and creative thinking, faith in moral values and ideals of altruist life and adoption of disciplines of self-restrain with purity of sentiments, chastity and integrity of character – are eternal requirements of consistent elevation of vital energy and mental strength. Soothing effects of this sort are accelerated by positive thinking free from lust and ego.

What is an austere and progressive life? What are the essential disciplines and righteous modes of life and why are they so? How we can adopt the moral disciplines and self-restrain without any difficulty or forced imposition of acetic practices? A number of such queries and doubts are eloquently answered in the Indian way of life. In his literature, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya has provided scientifically justified rational arguments, elaborate descriptions, authentic and practical guidelines and illustrative examples taken from the modern history
Significant information on preparation and use of herbal (plant) medicines and on different systems of alternate medicine – especially those derived from the ancient sciences including “swasthya yoga”, solar medicine, chromo-therapy, naturopathy, sound (through mantra and music) therapy is also available in his writings.

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