The Secrets of Eternal Youth

Longevity with youth and beauty of life – in all respects, was common in the Indian society of yore. The rishis were perfect scientists of nature, mind and consciousness. They had studied the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the human body as different manifestations of consciousness in the five eternal elements (pancha tatva) of nature. The science of spirituality, yoga and natural medicine, invented and practiced by them and the disciplines and modes of living advised and followed by them were sufficient to ensure total health with beauty and youth too.

There are descriptions of naturally induced reversal of aging process, known as Kaya Kalpa  (transmutation of physically sick or ‘aged’ beings into young and vigorous ones without artificial means like makeup, plastic surgery or medicines). Intellectual sagacity and creativity of average people too was high in those days. Above all, the purity and beauty of heart was the major source of bliss and energy in people’s life. To some extent many of these methods can still be put to practice to rejuvenate the body and restoring the balance of five elements. A complete description of ancient system of life is elucidated in scientific light in the writings of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya. 

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