Worshipping deity of life

Enormous Boons of the Deity of Life

Many people are found practicing several kinds of fasting, worshiping, prayers, meditation, devotion, etc for different forms of Gods and Goddesses in order to get rid of the adversities and scarcities or ill omen etc, and get some light of peace and joy in their lives. They expect solace and divine help via these religious remedies. “How many of them succeed and to what extent?” – is difficult to assess. We can’t decipher the sublime system of divine powers. We can only pray and endeavor devotional sadhanas. In a helpless state of agony when one calls thee through the depths of his pure heart, thy shelter and grace certainly reaches for his rescue and support in the tragic moments.  But, the serenity of deep faith and purity of heart are the key factors here too. Who stands where with respect to these time-testing criteria is again hard to predict. Most of the ‘devotees’ and aspirants of divine blessings are often seen disappointed and with shaking faith.  However, they should leave out all despair and illusions and note that there is indeed one devata (god) on this earth whose sadhana never goes in the vain. This divine source never disappoints its devotees and bestows thy grace without any delay.

We don’t have to search long and wide in finding this unique devata, it is our most intimate deity – the deity of life. The sadhana inspired by and devoted to this devata is like a kalpa vrakïa, which fulfils all intrinsic desires of every one, who comes under its shelter. Thus, the golden key available with us is – to practice jivana-sadhana, devout devotion of the deity of life by sincere endeavors of moral improvement, adept management and virtuous progress of our own self and its domain of expansion and interactions.

The earlier one realizes and understands this fact, the luckier he would prove to be in all horizons of life.  All the worth, bequests, victories and ecstasy associated with the human life are accessible to such farsighted, wise people. Most ordinary ones could also attain immortal glory by this jivana-sadhana. Mahatma Gandhi was lean in physique and had no exceptional talents till his young age. But the sadhana of the deity of life arouse such an astonishing power in this man of 98 pound of body and ordinary background that uprooted the mighty British reign without violence and wrote an epochal chapter in the annals of world history. The great leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, George Washington, etc were also most ordinary and deprived in the earlier phase of their lives. There jivana-sadhana exalted their excellence to unimaginable heights.

Ample examples reflecting the radiance of jivana-sadhana can be found in every discipline.  The edifying minds of Sir C.V. Raman, Jagadish Chandra Basu, Albert Einstein, Madam Curie, Thomas Edison, Karl Marx etc did not have to worship or bag before any god for their scientific and intellectual achievements. The sparkling advancement of science and technology seen everywhere today is an outcome of only 10% of the true potentials of human mind aroused by adopting jivana-sadhana in part. Just imagine the miraculous impact of activating the remaining 90% as well? As the orbital motion and energy of the cosmos is minimally symbolized within an atom, or the blueprint of a tree is coded in its seed, the same way the infinite powers of thee are subliminally hidden in the human beings. These remain dormant in normal course of ignorant, astray or perverted life. If aroused by dedicated jivana-sadhana, these are expressed as riddhis-siddhis.  The rishi-muni, yogis, and siddhas accomplish these angelic attainments by their beatified jivana-sadhana.  

In ordinary case, the state of human self is like an extinguishing ember that is shrouded by thick layer of ash. But, once this ash is remove, the ember begins to glow and radiate burning heat. Jivana-sadhana educes similar recharging in the human self; the otherwise dormant fraction of divinity immanent in it then begins to manifest.

With this arousal, a unique ‘magnetic force’ is generated in the sadhaka, which attracts the compatible co-operation, commodities and circumstance substantial for his ascent and success. This is as natural as – the force of attraction of the trees that pulls the clouds to enshower rains; the mutual affinity of the particles of a metal beneath the earth’s surface that results in enriching its stocks in the mines; or, the fragrant pollen of the flowers that charms the honey bees, butter flies and the humming bees….. In a similar way, though subliminally, the vivid magnetism induced by accomplished jivana-sadhana invokes divine powers and invites their blessings to bestow upon sadhaka’s life.

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