Convert Liability into Asset

The fall and decline of people’s thinking, character and conduct and the rising pollution, corruption and weakening of personality seen today can be checked and controlled only by the practice of upasana by each one of us. This simple but universally applicable solution would also gradually reverse the present trends and produce healthy, hearty and virtuous personalities.

Upasana (recognition of divinity within), in one form or the other, has been an integral part of the lives of the saints, seers and sages of the ancient and the modern times the world over. They have set a live example of how this practice could lead to successive strengthening, enlightenment and even divine transmutation of personality .

The philosophy and science of this devotional method contain all the elements of mental and emotional refinement at the individual and the collective levels. The golden path of resolving the complexities of the personal, professional and social life and ushering into an era of peace and happiness is open for all of us. It is up to us, how soon we start following it? 

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