The great laboratory of Personality Development

If we reform and refine ourselves, transformation of the people worldwide will proceed gradually, like the harmonious progression of currents in a sea. Yug Nirman (creation of an evolved era) will emerge from evolution of the individuals, families and the entire human society.  

Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma , the founder of Gayatri Pariwar, has initiated this epochal experiment in the tiny laboratory of  Shantikunj , Yug Nirman mission and requested all those who visit here and all those who are associated with Gayatri Pariwar to help expand it.

So if you want to be a part of Yug Nirman project, start the experiment of self-transmutation on yourself by adopting sanyam, swadyaya, sadhana and seva from today itself.
Maybe at a minuscule level in the beginning, these should certainly be integral parts of your life from now on. Wish you all the best for eminent success.

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