Mastery of the Mind - Key to Success in All Endeavors

The materialistic world has its own operational laws. But the reactions of human mind are not entirely determined by the material events and objects. The configuration of human consciousness and the plane of awareness too play a role in the quality of our interactions on the material plane. Thus, the domain of collective human mind is not simply a subtle reflection of the external world. Instead, it is a strange world of its own - with its layers of conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels. It is the refinement of this multi-layered field that is the object of sadhana . This refinement and sublimation of the mind brings about a sea-change in our outlook of the material world. The power of a refined and sublimated mind also makes an impact on the materialistic world. The process of this transformation has been called the sadhana of Manomaya Kosha. The students studying with concentration pass the examination with good grades. Attentive farmers harvest a good crop. Enthusiastic wrestlers win titles in wrestling. Mind filled with wisdom and alertness proves to be an asset in achieving success in business. It is the refined and focused mind that helps in achieving siddhi (success) in sadhana . Devoted artists keep the audiences spellbound. The achievements in different fields depend on the intensity of will power, concentration and deep involvement (all qualities of a mastered mind ) in set goals. In spite of the similarity of assets and means, different results are observed with the difference in the degree of mental mastery. Inert objects have only existence. Life is of different and higher level of manifestation. That is why the rules of life and that of inert objects are different. Inert objects do not have any independent will power. On the other hand, the entire development of life has been made possible due to the impact of will power. It is the higher quality of will power that especially distinguishes human beings from sub-human life forms. A human being is considered the master of well-developed consciousness, because his will power is more active and effective. It is the enlightened will power that leads a person from darkness to light, from mortality to immortality and from falsehood to truth. Strong and focused will power definitely produces the desired results. It has been said in Yoga vashishtha- Di habhavanaya cheto yadyatha bhavayatyalam Tattatphalam tadakaram tavatmanam prapashyati 
                                                                      ( Yoga vashishtha 4/21/56)    

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