"भुवो नाशो लोके सकलविपदांव निर्गादत: ।

       कृतं कार्यं कर्त्तव्यमित मनसा चास्य करणम ।।

फ्लाशां मत्यां ये विदधति न वै निरता: ।

    लभन्ते नित्यं ते जगाति हि प्रसादं सुमनसाम्।।३।।"

Meaning :-"The elimination of all sufferings in the world is known as Bhuvaha. All work should be done with a sense of duty. People who work without expectation of any reward in return always remain happy."

Explanation :- Man's duty is only to work, the result rests with God. Instead of thinking that happiness lies in getting a particular outcome, one should think that honest discharge of one's duty is the source of all happiness. One who regards a duty well done as his only reward becomes a Karrnyogi and he always remains happy. A person should always remain engrossed in doing good deeds. This is the sum and substance of Geeta 's Kaarmyog.