"ततो वै निष्पत्ति: स भुवि मतिमान पण्डितवर: ।

  विजानन गुहयं यो मरणजीवनयोस्तदखिलम ।। 

 अनन्ते संसारे विचरति भयासक्तिरहित: ।

   तथा निमार्णं वै निजगतिविधीनां प्रकुरूते।।५।।"

Meaning :- "The word tat indicates that he alone is wise and free of fear and attachment in this world, who understands the mystery of life and death."

Explanation :- All creatures are always in the jaws of death. What is the certainty that we may not stop breathing the next moment?Thinking in this manner, human life which is rarely available even to the gods,should be utilized in the pursuit of self-knowledge. It should be pondered over whether in this short life it is worthwhile to invite suffering for a long time by committing sins for momentary pleasures of the senses.

If noble persuit like advancement of knowledge, social welfare, religious preaching are to be done, one must have a wider perspective in view, that life is immortal and we are spiritual beings living a human experience through a mortal body. If the work cannot be completed with this body it will be done in the next one. It is certain that a person who makes best use of his present life enjoys bliss even after death.

But the future of a person who misuses the present moments of his life is dark indeed. Therefore,one should not repent for all that has happened and should start making the best possible use of the remaining life.