Negation of Duality

You have to realize that all embodied beings, whatever be their form or body, are part of your own Self, since the same universally pervasive energy - consciousness (Chetna) which animates you is present in each of them. The rigid fences within which you have been limiting the physical objects - people, places and things - as belonging to you personally will have to be pulled down. You will have to realize that the present perception, that only a few drops of this cosmic ocean (manifested as people, places or things) belong to you, is an illusion.

Such an individual, by expanding the limits of his thoughts and feelings to include everyone in the world, feels an intrinsic relationship (Atmiyata) with all living beings irrespective of their external appearance (Bahya Swaroop). Besides, apart from being interlinked with each other, the Souls of all beings are also individually linked to the Supreme Being. This is the truth behind the concept of universal brotherhood. In this way, all individual souls, which are masters of bodies of various species, are part of one unified existence. This unification brings us very close to God. Living experience of this unity makes us worthy of entrance into the portals of heaven and to become an integral part of it. This experience cannot be described in words. It is a state of perpetual bliss. In Yogic parlance, entering this indescribable, transcendental, super consciousness state of absolute bliss is called Samadhi. Its byproducts are freedom from bondage of world, independence of action, freedom of self-management and  attainment of Mukti or Moksha (Salvation, deliverance).

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