Unity in diversity

When one becomes convinced about the universality of the components of one's body and mind, nothing appears personal or individual. The enlightened person becomes free of the illusion that the sheaths of his body and mind exist in isolation. With the realization of interrelationship between all beings and things throughout the universe, it is realized that each individual is intimately related to everyone in the world and is an integral part of the whole. Then nothing in the world appears alien, since in the Unified Field everything belongs to everyone.

Therefore, we must give prime importance to the Soul, which is eternally at-one-ment with the universal Self than to its sheaths of body and mind. The Soul is everlasting, indivisible, indestructible, immortal, cohesive and immutable. The person who has awakened to this awareness of the Soul views everything, including the inanimate matter, the less evolved beings of the lower order in the biological kingdom, the stellar constellations, stars and planets and all planetary systems of the cosmos with wonder and marvel.  

Attitude of a person

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