Visualization of the unified field

Be seated in meditative posture. Visualize that one and the same universal, cosmic consciousness is pervading, ordering and manifesting all animate and inanimate forms in the cosmos. Visualize further that it is this one force of cosmic consciousness which has differentiated into the five basic elements of nature constituting the physiology of all living species. In ancient Indian scriptures these elements are referred to as Prithvi (earth), Jal (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air), and Akash (the subatomic space). As old physical cells are being perpetually replaced by new ones, so are the elements of mind (beliefs, opinions, philosophies, ideologies) being replaced by new ones. In other words, the particles of energy generating the mental concepts are also perpetually in motion.

Now let us think about matter and energy of the world in totality. The very fact that all visible and invisible constituents of the creation are in motion; that this movement is being experienced by all and that everything in this world is following its particular trajectory in movement for its specific objective, is sufficient proof that UNIFICATION IS THE BASIS OF ENTIRE CREATION.

It proves that everything has been created in cosmos to follow universal laws originating from ONE Unified Field. In this manner, everything in this world is interrelated and interdependent. Saying, 'Nothing in the world belongs to me personally' or, 'Everything in the world belongs to me' - has the same implication; since in this Unified Field, everything belongs to everyone.

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