Importance of Holi

Hindu festivals send a message of awareness and dynamism to the society. The message of the festival of Holi, is to find out the trash in our thoughts, in our environment and destroy them, in order to establish purity in and around us.

We should find out the distorted filth present in our mentality, in our society and in the politics and burn them. This is the best way to celebrate Holi. Using obscene language, throwing mud and slush on someone is the symbol of animalism and rudeness; we should keep ourselves away from these.

Holi is a festival which is celebrated in the Vasant season. The winter season ends and the summer is around the corner. This is the time when Chickenpox outbreak is on the rise. In old days, the paste of flowers of Palash, was used to color each other to avoid chickenpox outbreak, also the same flowers were used in the Havana saamagri to purify the atmosphere as a precautionary measure.

Now a day, in the place of flowers of Palash, different chemicals are used to color each other which are very harmful for us. Youth in our society use these colors and sometimes get into fights that lead to bloodshed. This is the climax of foolishness and those who commit these in the name of religion don’t celebrate Holi but they destroy the Festival of Holi.

Our forefathers celebrated Holi as the cleanliness drive. In the Vasant season, the leaves of trees fall and litter the surrounding. They used to clean their surroundings on the occasion of Holi and burn the garbage. Now people have forgotten that very purpose to celebrate Holi.

Holi was the festival of forgiveness. People forgive others mistakes and hug/color each other with love and affection. These days we observe people who consume intoxicants in the name of Holi - which is certainly not a right thing to do on this holy occasion.

In the real sense, the festival of Holi imparts the effects of bonding in the community, a festival of welfare, if celebrated with wisdom.

The Festival of Holi: Purpose and Teachings

  • Holi is festival of equality. People must burn out all inequality on this day.
  • We must not judge anyone by their birth or gender. All are equal. It is the differences in qualities, deeds and behaviors that make people different not the casts and genders.
  • The differences in our society between poor and rich are condemned. The poor and rich both should get similar opportunity in the society.
  • None should live in poverty, and in a frightened state in the society. Always live like a lion who lives fearlessly and bravely.
  • The one who live and sacrifice for his motherland prospers in life.
  • Hatreds and grudges must be eliminated from its roots. We should live a happy and cordial life.
  • One should do only good deeds in the world. One should not obey the bad instructions even from his own father.
  • The society that one lives in has the most right on his income. The rest should be used for himself.
Holi is a festival to overcome Demonic tendencies with joy and to create new atmosphere of affection.

Festivals are the indications of vitality of a nation. In this series Holi is on top of festivals of joy and happiness.

Healthy life, free from jealousy and hatred, a social structures filled with equality, unity and brotherhood, and social life full of joy and happiness, this is the main reason behind this festival.

On this occasion if we determine to burn our hatred and jealousy in the fire of yagna and resolve to accept anybody who comes to us with love and cordiality, I am sure the boons of Rishi couple becomes easily available to us, which will be helpful in our worldly and spiritual life.


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