"ओमित्येव सुनामधेयमनधं विश्वात्मनो ब्राहमण:

                       सर्वेप्वेव हि तस्य नामसु वसोररेतत्प्रधनं मतम।।

                        यं वेदानिगदन्ति न्यायनिरतं श्रीसच्चिदानन्दकम।

                         लोकेशं समदर्शिनं नियमनं चाकारहीनं प्रभुम ।।१।।"

Meaning :-"Om is the best, holiest, sacred, worth meditating upon and highest name of God whom the Vedas have described as just,impartial, formless, Sachidanand Sarveshwar, the blissful Master spirit of the universe."

Explanation:-The path of God-realization means adherence to Divine laws. He remains unaffected by censure or praise. Man suffers pain or gets pleasure according to his own deeds. Considering God to be all prevailing,there is no question of commiting sins secretly. Human service is worship of God. Presence of God should always be felt within one's own self. It purifies the soul and the person experiences Sat, Chit and Anand.   

- Super Science of Gayatri