"भूर्वै प्राण इति ब्रवन्ति मुनयोवेदान्तपारं गता: ।
    प्राण: सर्वविचेतनेषुप्रसृत: सामान्यरूपेण च ।।
    एतेनैव विसिध्दयते हि सकलं नूनं समानं जगत ।। 
   द्रष्टव्य: सकलेषु जन्तुषु जनौर्तत्यं हयसुश्चात्मवत ।।२।।"

Meaning:-"Munis (saints) call Fran (life energy)as Bhooha. It indwells uniformly all the living beings. This proves that all living beings are alike. Man should, therefore, consider all human beings and other living beings like himself".

Explanation:-Like one's own self, everybody under goes pain and suffering and so no one should be tortured. We should behave towards others as we would like to be behaved by them. None should be discriminated against on account of caste, creed, family, community, country or sex. Only good or bad acts need to be appreciated or deprecated.