" वरेण्यां चै तद्वै प्रकटयति श्रेष्ठत्वमनिशम।

         सदा पश्येच्छेष्ठं मननयपि श्रेष्ठस्य विदधेत ।।

      तथा लोके श्रेष्ठं सरलमनसा कर्म भजेत

      तदित्थं श्रेष्ठत्वं व्रजति मनुज: शोभितगुणै: ।।७।।"

Meaning :- The word vareniyam indicates that every man should al­ways strive far greatness and excellence. A man attains excellence by seeing, contemplating, thinking about and doing excellent deeds.

Explanation :- A man is as he thinks. Thought is a mould and life wet clay. Our life is moulded according to the thoughts in which we are engrossed. We should, therefore, cultivate the company of noble persons, read ennobling literature, entertain uplifting thoughts, see soul-elevating scenes and do noble works, if we want to become great. To maintain faith in excellence, to pay due regard to and imbibe excellence which is found in other persons are matters essential for those who aspire for moral ethical and spiritual excellent.