"धीमहि भवेमसर्वविधं शुचिं ।
          शक्तिचयं वयमित्युपद्रिष्टा: खलु ।।
            नो मनुजो लभते सुखाशान्तिं
          अनेन विनेति यदन्ति हि वेदा: ।।१०।।"

Meaning :- Dheemahi implies that we should cultivate and activate within us all dormant divine energies. Vedas proclaim that without so doing, a man cannot attain peace.

Explanation :- There are several material powers in the world. People get prosperity and praise on the strength of wealth, position, political power, physical strength, organization, aims, knowledge, wisdom, efficiency etc., but all are temporal powers. They may give pleasures but such pleasures are all transient. Lasting happiness lies in cultivating spiritual virtues which are known as divine powers or divine wealth. Happiness attained by divine virtues like fearlessness, far-sighted wis­dom, steadiness, generosity, self-restraint, benevolence, scriptural scholarship, devout austerity, compassion, truth, non-violence, po-liteness, patience, love, judiciousness etc. cannot be compared with any amount of material affluence. Man should, therefore, constantly endeavour to increase his store of divine affluence.