Skanda Purana

Rishabhdev is considered the incarnation of God. This country has been named as Bharatvarsha in the memory of his son Bharat. The latter made this country a sacred land through the performance of mahayagyas.

Wherever the mahayagyas were performed, Tirthas (holy places) were established. After removing the suffix ‘pra’ from ‘Prayag’ , what remains is the word ‘yag’, (which means yagya). This place has become Tirtharaj (the king of Tirthas) because a large number of yagyas have been performed there. The Dasasvamedha Ghat (a bathing place on the bank of the river Ganga) in Kashi (Varanasi) is a proof of the fact that ten major yagyas had been performed there. This is why so much holiness has been attributed to this place. It is mentioned in part 4 of Skand Purana that the king of Kashi, Divodas performed yajan of the Lord Mahayagyeshwar in Kashi city by ten Ashvamedha yagyas. From that day, that place became famous as Dasasvamedha Tirtha. Previously, it was known as Rudrasarovar.

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